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The Birds Of South Gloucestershire (TBOSG) was launched in November 2005 and my aim was to provide a point of reference with easy access to information about rare, scarce and unusual birds, butterflies and dragon and damselflies, both full species and forms, seen in ‘S. Glos’.


The significance of Storm Petrel as the main theme stems from the fact that it represents the first rare/ scarce bird species to be documented in the S. Gloucestershire recording area - 1824!


The S. Gloucestershire team:


John Barnett, Paul Bowerman, Mark Coller, Martyn Hayes, Mike Morse, Ben Ofield, Vic Polley, Gary Thoburn, Nigel Warren.


TBOSG is by no means authoritative nor exhaustive but it does, I feel, capture the essence of modern ‘birding’ in this extremely important region of the UK. Information listed has been gathered from a number of sources (and from as far back as 1824), any omissions may be due to records not being submitted so we would urge everyone to send their sightings to the appropriate Recorder.


All entries on the TBOSG website are unfiltered reports; sightings of rare and scarce birds, dragonflies, damselflies and butterflies are subject to ratification by the appropriate rarities committee.




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